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Make faster ordering

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With our second hand directory, you will be able to make faster orders than ever before and to be fast, is one of the most important issue in the second hand business. Therefore you find map located addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of each company in seconds and connect with one click to your partners.

What offers this company directory?

Gold¬† Membership for professionals with access the data table of all Companies and to the Link list with preview of each website. The data table makes it easy to order without serving around in the Internet. All you need find in the table with “one click to call” function and “one click to email” function.¬†This data you find in the directory table:
  • Company Name with legal form of the company
  • Warehouse address (if they are different).
  • Contact Person Names
  • Telephone numbers (including Mobile numbers if known) with one click function for smart phones, so you can call immediately.
  • Email addresses, with one click email function.
  • Website addresses, with one click web function.
  • NEW! Now with one click Google map function. Find all on map and create routes
  • Link directory with preview of the websites and one click function.

This is the ultimate working tool for professionals.

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