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Second hand shoes wholesale
Get answers to your Questions below.
This is an right question.We offer you the following as Gold member:Access to the great directory of German companies dealing with second hand clothing and used shoes and doing export of those products.On the  directory you will find the following data:
  • Company Name with legal form of the company
  • Company and/or warehouse address (if they are different).
  • Contact Person Names
  • Contact Telephone numbers (including Mobile numbers if known) with one click function for smart phones, so you can call immediately.
  • Contact email addresses, with one click email function.
  • Website addresses, with one click web function.
  • Link directory with preview of the websites and one click function.
  • NEW! exactly position on google maps as well with one click !
This gives you first time the possibility to contact in seconds all German second hand companies and place your order by phone or email.
  • You save with this directory many many day of searching.
  • You can be sure there are no frauds, because any data’s are checked manually.
  • You find companies you never will find without our directory.


No it doesn’t. You get informed by e-mail when your membership expires.  you must than  log in  your membership account making a renewal with the same membership level or update to another membership level.
The German Second Hand Directory List is an payable service where you safe Time and Money.We offer you for a very view fee all reliable Companies dealing with second hand clothing and shoes, doing export and are existing reliable companies.We also proof those companies and we proof regular the Links.This service offers you a quite surfing through the companies and safe you weeks of time. With our service you  can concentrate you to make contacts and ordering goods from reliable partners.The Company List is not made from the companies but from us and proofed.The entire site is also SSL certificate  protected. So you don’t need to worry about protection of your data.
This is most simply:
  • If you click here or to some other Links on the website you will come to the Member Level page we you select your Membership.
  • After selecting you come to the register page where you must type in your user name and e-mail address and password as well.
  • If this is done check out with PayPal Express.
  • After purchasing you come back to your Member account where you have the invoice as well.
  • No you can click the link German Second Hand Companies and you find all Companies you was ever searching for.
  • For later visits you have a log in form in the footer of the web site.
No we can not send you an offer. Please contact for ordering the companies in our Company List.  
No we can not.  We know many companies and we know how this business works, but we do not sale goods on our own behalf. The orders must be directed to the companies, which you find in our List. But this is so easy as never before.
The Links are absolute safe and the Companies all reliable.Every Link get proofed from us and regarding the companies, most of them we know personally.  It come only Companies in our List which are able to make Export and which have done export before with success.All companies in our List are really existing and does not fraud there clients.So this makes the big different to those you may find by accident in the Internet. And only this values the fee you must pay as a Premium Member.
This is simple as we use the PayPal Express gate for the payment.If you have an PayPal account you can pay with your account.In case you don’t have an Account at PayPal you can create one or you can also pay with credit and debit cards or other payment services which offer PayPal in your country.PayPal Express is the most protected payment method.
First get part of our Premium Membership and get access to all the important German second hand exporters, click here.After you got member you will find a Link List with all trusted second hand companies which doing also export. This List contains also Previews of each web page.The only thing you need to do is contact those companies and ask for an offer. But be as concrete as possible with your request.
No sorry this is not possible.We offer you to find German second hand companies faster than in Internet and many companies you will never find online, but also those companies you can find in our Company Link List. You save a lot of time and money with our Link List. But you still must make the effort to contact them by your own and get offers from each Company.
First proof if your e-mail address is correct typed in.If the log in is not function there may be to reasons:
  1. You are not Premium member yet: please register you to get premium member.
  2. Your membership expired: in this case go to you membership page and renew your membership.
Note: you can not be registered without being  Premium Member.
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